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Petrobras Supplier Registration

It is one of the most important steps for a company to become qualified to supply Petrobras. The CRC (Certificate of Cadastral Registration) is a certificate issued by Petrobras itself that attests that the company has been approved to supply goods and/or services.


Online certificate available only for goods and services in the Petrobras Registry that are in status A. The CRC is valid for up to one year, starting from the date of the Legal Criterion assessment and must be renewed annually, and it is advisable to request its renewal up to 60 days before its maturity through the service channels.


The CRC will be Total or Partial, that is, when the supplier meets all the criteria applicable to the family of interest, the Total CRC will be issued, when it meets at least one of these parameters, the CRC will be partial.


In summary: the objective of the Petrobras CRC is to qualify companies that provide goods and services to apply as suppliers for the company. Thus, registering Petrobras will be carried out successfully.

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of the CRC

The CRC helps a company to speed up the contract closing with Petrobras. When a company without a CRC wins a bid, the company has only a very short window to present its documentation. Therefore, many companies are unable to gather their documents and end up losing the chance to close the contract. Companies that have their certificate can replace the presentation of their documents with the certificate.


As it is a respected certificate, a company that obtains it becomes very well regarded by its stakeholders, especially its customers. In addition, its competitors are at a disadvantage when compared to a company that is certified and registered in the Petrobras Registry.

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Who can get it?

Any service provider or supplier of goods, national or foreign (manufacturer, distributor or reseller), that has already provided services or supplied items that appear on the list of goods and services of interest to Petrobras, may participate in the Petrobras Registry and have its CRC.


Any company, regardless of its country, can register its suppliers at Petrobras. For this reason, with the exception of a few exceptions, every foreign company can supply the state-owned company as NON-TRADE MANUFACTURERS.

Your CRC is our specialty and our commitment!

We help you meet all the requirements for your company to obtain the CRC registration and certificate and become a Petrobras supplier


We develop strategic actions, aiming at the best selection of product families, services and regions to supply to Petrobras


Our job is to help you to obtain the CRC Petrobras quickly and safely, with a contract guarantee.

Petrobras – Brazil's largest Oil&Gas company

Why you should consider doing business with Petrobras


Petróleo Brasileiro S.A., better known by Petrobras (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˌpɛtɾoˈbɾas, pet-]), is a state-owned Brazilian multinational corporation in the petroleum industry headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The company's name translates to Brazilian Petroleum Corporation — Petrobras.

The company was ranked #181 in the most recent Fortune Global 500 list. In the 2020 Forbes Global 2000, Petrobras was ranked as the 65th-largest public company in the world. Petrobras is one of the most important and influential companies in Brazil and Latin America with an ambitious Strategic Plan that requires billions in spending and collaboration with the best suppliers from around the world.

BrazilOne helps you manoeuvre the tricky and complicated process of registering, so that you can expand and grow your business in Brazil.

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